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HOT TOPIC: The PNG Kumuls Loss to The Australia’s Prime Minister XIII

By WGPNG on September 30, 2013 in U Tok
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Today’s Hot Topic: The PNG Kumuls Loss to The Australia’s  Prime Minister XIII
Despite the 50 to 10 Trashing the Kumuls received they still have 3 more weeks to get it right before the World Cup kicks off. Everyone seems to have their opinions on what should be done. In the end it comes back to the players, the coaching staff & their preparation leading up to their World cup Rugby campaign. Do you think the Kumuls are ready or are we wasting our time?

“They Can… I Trust Kumuls” Greg’o H Meria
“We are ready!!! It’s just that the Aussies are too good for it; I mean it’s there game, they are the champs. But as we saw the score-line, it isn’t too bad for Kumuls to trail 10-50. We can do better, I believe Kumuls will beat England to claim the 3rd spot”… 😉 Proud PNG” Samex Hodges-Lewalabu Abeleh
“I believe in them… They will do something. It’s just a trial match. (y).. Go Kumuls..” Alex Erico Paku
“The Kumuls will be in form for the World Cup, the Selection here last weekend was the President 13 with the Aussies…Keep our Hopes HIGH for the World Cup & expect good weather conditions from the host Country to steer the Kumuls through…. Go Kumuls *Proud PNG” Axel Ikupu
“Weightlifting….putim funds go lo hap. They make png proud with gold medals” William Skate


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