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HOT TOPIC: The PNG Government’s Seizure of the Ok Tedi Mine

By WGPNG on September 18, 2013 in U Tok
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Today’s Hot Topic: THE PNG Governments Seizure of the Ok Tedi Mine
PNG’s famous Ok Tedi Mine. The PNG Government will now take control over it solely in the best interests of the people of Western Province. Do agree with the move? Yes or No?

“yes” Loedy Kedea
“Govt should detail out how is it going to help the people of western province before I say yes or no. From the Govt’s track record I don’t see any promising outcome.” Tuges George
“I like the idea that we own the business ourselves and gain maximum benefit from it. But I am quite skeptical about the way we will manage it.” Michael Oraka
“I totally disagree, do check who’s buying,n must check who’s going to be the owner…! I think I know who’s buying.. n who’s  Owning….” Tom Karaho
“I’m sorry, but since when has the govt truly done anything in the best interests of the people? Just looks like another way for those in power to line their pockets at the expense of the people of western province. Would love to be proved wrong though!” Esther Maragau


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