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HOT TOPIC: Plans Are Underway To Ban Betel Nut in Port Moresby

By WGPNG on September 3, 2013 in U Tok
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Today’s Hot Topic: Plans are underway to ban the Betel Nut in Port Moresby
The beloved Betel Nut. The Green Gold of PNG Culture. There have been talks of banning it in Port Moresby. Do we completely ban it or Keep it?

“hai yo..its ma life coz mi sa kisi stron lon em ya.” – Ronzi Bolton
“Hehe y bann it.its here 4 us n its here 2 stay,dspite evry critism.hehe m lif eh” – Syco Hyden Dore
“keep it. jst the people who chew must make sure put there rubish in the right place. coz its city u know not the village o bush rot go lo garden na bai tromoi pipia nambaut n spet lo laik” – Lavora Ly dia Afing
“Banning is the hardest decision to make but should be taken because we are irresponsible” – Kumsi Spynava
“We must have very good reasons for keeping it otherwise totally ban it from public places n offices for the positive improvement of our cities, towns n lives. It causes disgusting filth n deseases. Chewers are very irresponsible in disposing their spittle n rubbish. Educated people who chew are never better than the kanakas, they are all the same when it comes to knowing where to spit or throw their rubbish. It’s our mentality that is very negative; the nut is not bad. We just have to be responsible chewers. Despite so much awarenesses, we r still irresponsible. So for the betterment of PNG, BAN BETEL NUT!!!” – Darolyn Naisen
“People need to grow up and take stock of their actions regarding the vending and chewing of betel nut.
Usually it’s the grassroots person trying to make ends meet. I have no qualms with that, however the chewers including highly educated elites are the ones that continue to be negligent in the disposal of rubbish and buai spittle that is a disgrace.
You would be amazed at how clean Kokopo is although Tolai’s are some of the greatest chewers. They know not to litter thus the town and even buses are very very clean unlike Port Moresby” – Norman Haiai
“Betelnut em bun blo yumi and a source of income 4 the unemployed. All we need to is control our rubbish and spittle”

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– Dimas Siloi


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