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PAPNG 2013 Annual Photography Competition

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PAPNG 2013 Competition

The Photographic Association Of Papua New Guinea (PAPNG) today aims to empower educate and advise all persons, regardless of age, gender or nationality who have an avid interest in photography. This is done through the generous sponsorship by businesses, both National and International, as well as membership of the society.

PAPNG is excited to announce its 2013 Annual Competiton beginning June 28th & Ending Midnight 31st ofAugust 2013. The Competion is open to all amateur photographers in PNG and is themed around the falvours unique to PNG alone. Great prizes are on offer so get your Cameras rolling & start Snapping.

PAPNG will select the best pictures to be printed and displayed in a public exhibition to be held in October 2013, at which point a public’s choice winner will also be chosen by the public using a ballot system throughout the exhibition period For 1st, 2nd and 3rd place,prizes will be awarded for the best pictures from those printed, selected by a judging panel appointed by PAPNG.

  • Email 3 of your Favourite images to us at
  • For Terms & Conditions please email:
  • PAPNG will be displaying the top 40 images in Vision City between October 17th and November 1st and members of the public will be able to vote for their favourite image.


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